Insurance premium loadings

A loading (or increase) may be applied to a member’s premium due to their occupation, health or lifestyle.

A description of the occupation classes is below:

TelstraSuper occupation class Description Examples
 White collar Clerical, administration and managerial occupations involving office duties. No manual work undertaken. Includes occupations with tertiary qualifications that may involve very light physical work. Accountant
IT consultant
IT Industry - Sales
 Light blue Certain qualified tradespeople who engage in light manual work only. Includes business owners in non-hazardous industries involved in light manual work and those who may supervise medium blue collar workers (no more than 25% of their work time). Includes occupations that are not limited to an office, where travel is an essential part of the job. Telecommunications - Engineer
Field surveyor
IT Industry - Technician
Medium blue Skilled tradespeople in non-hazardous industries wholly involved in manual duties. Linesman, heights up to 10 metres
 Heavy blue

Heavy manual workers in non-hazardous industry performing higher risk occupations.

TPD and IP benefits may not be available.

If IP cover available, a maximum 2 year benefit period and 90 day waiting period apply.


Non income generated occupations are rated accordingly:

 Occupation Interpretation

Death only rating

Death & TPD rating

IP rating

 Home duties Person who is solely responsible for performing full-time unpaid domestic duties. White collar White collar Decline
 Retiree Person who has left their job and ceased work without intention to restart Heavy blue Refer* Decline^
 Student Person who attends an educational institution full-time Heavy blue Refer* Decline^

Person who has no gainful employment and is actively seeking work.

May be in receipt of a Newstart Allowance or similar Centrelink payments (as these are means tested, this may not always be the case).

Heavy blue Refer* Decline^

The occupation loadings are as follows:

Occupation Death only Death & TPD Income Protection
White collar 1.00 1.00 1.00
Light blue 1.25 1.40 1.40
Medium blue 1.50 2.00 2.50
Heavy blue 1.75 2.50 2.50


John is 42 years old and works as an IT Technician for Telstra earning $85,000 a year. As a TelstraSuper Corporate Plus member he currently has $238,000 of base Death & TPD insurance paid for by his employer.

John recently purchased a new property which increased his mortgage. As a result he wants to increase his Death & TPD insurance and apply for an extra $500,000 in Top-up cover to ensure he is fully protected.

As an IT Technician, John’s occupation class for his Top-up cover is ‘Light blue’ which attracts a 40% occupation premium loading on top of his standard annual Top-up premium rate.

John also disclosed a pre-existing medical condition in his application which our insurer TAL accepted with a medical premium loading of 50%. The medical loading is applied after the standard premium is adjusted for the occupation loading.

The premium he would pay for his Top up cover would be:

  • Age next birthday: 43
  • Requested Death & TPD Top-up insurance: $500,000
  • Standard Death & TPD premium rate for male (age next birthday 43): $1.76 per $1,000 sum insured
  • Occupation class: Light blue
  • Occupation class premium loading: 40% 
  • Rates for John’s cover (Light blue Death & TPD premium rates for a male ANB 43): $1.76 + 40% = $2.46 per $1,000 sum insured
  • Top-up premium: ($500,000/$1,000) x $2.46 = $1,230 per annum
  • Medical premium loading: 50%
  • Total Top-up premium: $1,230 + 50% = $1,845 per annum

More information

If you'd like more information about your insurance you can:

  • log into your SuperOnline account to see what insurance you have
  • read the relevant insurance guide for more information on your options
  • speak to an Adviser from TelstraSuper Financial Planning who can do a needs analysis for you. You can speak with an Adviser by calling 1300 033 166 or by requesting a callback online

*The insurer must provide individual consideration. An additional occupation loading may be required.

^Cover is unavailable.

TelstraSuper does not receive money or other material benefits (other than claims payments for our members and related costs) from our insurer or reinsurer. The premium paid by members is directly for the cost of insurance, and avoids any conflict of interest between our members and our insurer. If this arrangement ever changes, we will make you aware of this by updating this statement on our website, annual report, Product Disclosure Statement and Insurance Guide. We may also issue you a Significant Event Notice directly.