Retirees facing steep living increases

Many retirees are feeling the pinch as the cost of living keeps rising. 

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The Association of Super Funds Australia (ASFA) Retirement Standard benchmarks the annual budget needed by Australians to fund either a 'comfortable' or 'modest' lifestyle in retirement.  

The June quarter 2019 figures indicate that couples aged around 65 living a comfortable retirement need to spend $61,522 per year and singles $43,601, up 1.5% for each on the previous year. This means couples are needing to spend $918 more a year, and singles $648.*

This increase, while it does not look large to some, hides some substantial increases in the cost of many basic items.

The drought has increased prices of a range of foods, petrol is up over 10% and the cost of private health insurance continues to grow at around twice the general rate of inflation. 

The costs that increased substantially over the last 12 months are:*

  • Price of bread up by 4.8%
  • Price of beef up by 6.0% and lamb up by 13.5%
  • Price of milk up by 2.9%
  • Price of fruit up by 4.9%
  • Price of vegetables up by 6.2%
  • Price of beer up by 2.5%
  • Property rates up by 2.3%
  • Price of hairdressing up by 2.9%
  • Price of private health insurance up by 3.25% on average
  • Price of dental services up by 2.3%
  • Price of domestic travel up by 3.5%
  • Price of international travel by 4.1%

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