Struggling with retirement

The lead up to retirement is exciting. No more work and endless opportunities for travel, hobbies and fun. But what happens if at the end of the day it feels kind of empty?

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The transition into retirement isn’t easy for everyone. For some people, the days seem longer and they just don’t know how to fill up that many hours. After all, you’re probably used to utilising those clever skills you’ve accumulated throughout your years of working.

According to SuperFriend*, there are five ways to wellbeing in retirement: connecting with others, being active, mindfulness, continuing to learn and giving back. The key to a happy retirement is to consider each of these areas – and the more proactive you are the better.

Connecting with others

Building (or maintaining) social relationships can fill your calendar up quicker than you think. There’s lots of ways to connect but it can be hard to know where to start. Now is a great time to get in touch with old friends you’ve been too busy working to see (they might be in a similar circumstance and be looking for a catch-up!). You can also try group activities like cycling, book clubs, film groups or some of the larger well known social groups like Rotary, Probus or National Seniors.

Being active

Physical activity boosts the blood flow to your brain – not to mention the many other health benefits! Whether it’s a walk around the block, tackling the garden or seniors’ class at your local gym, find ways to keep active that you enjoy.


Enjoy the moment and appreciate what you have. Take a moment to stop and enjoy the “un-busyness” that you’ve now got. For some people self-awareness of how you’re feeling will impact positively on wellbeing. 

Continuing to learn 

Not only will learning keep you busy, some studies show that continuous learning can create better brain function and reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as dementia^. From learning new technologies to new dance moves, the opportunities are endless. Check in with your local council to see if there’s a community centre offering courses near you.

Giving back

For many retirees, finding a way to give back to the local community is extremely rewarding. You might have a special skill to share or a cause you’ve always wanted to help – now is your time to share. You can find local volunteering opportunities by visiting Go Volunteer or don’t be afraid to approach local organisations directly to offer up your services.

We’re here to help

Taking care of yourself is part of having a comfortable retirement; we can help you with the financial side. We can help manage your income in retirement so you can enjoy life and not worry about finances. Call us on 1300 033 166 or fill in our online contact form. There’s no additional charge for general and simple personal advice about your TelstraSuper account over the phone as this is included as part of your membership.


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