Super Conversations - Kick Start Your Super

Super may not seem important or a priority but spending a couple minutes on it can make a big difference to your lifestyle. Check out this super conversation about how to kick start your super.

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    Robert: Let’s hope we play better in the second half! Hey Jess!

    Jessica: Yeah Dad.

    Robert: I’ve been talking to TelstraSuper about transitioning to retirement. I reckon you should have a chat to them about adding a bit extra to yours.

    Jessica: Dad, I‘ve got other things I want to spend my money on. Why would I put any into super?

    Robert: Yeah, it’s hard to picture so far ahead... but super’s an investment that can give you live the lifestyle you want when you stop working you know, the ability to still do the things you love like travelling! Coz you’re not getting an inheritance – we’re spending it!

    Jessica: But really you can’t touch it for almost 40 years – what’s the point?

    Robert: Yeah but it’s going to be hard to retire just on the contributions your employers make, and that’s assuming you don’t take any time off work. So putting extra in earlier is going to help set you up for a comfortable future with that money compounding longer. You have better opportunities than your mum and I ever did.

    Jessica: I’m not convinced I won’t have to give up anything I like now.

    Robert: I wish I knew this earlier…but super really is one of the few ways we can use the tax system to our advantage.

    Jessica: That’s a change!

    Robert: Yes - if you contribute a small amount each pay you can reduce your taxable income which means you’ll pay less tax so you’ll barely notice anything out of your pocket.

    Jessica: I didn’t know that. That doesn’t sound too painful!

    Robert: Exactly it’s not hard to set up.And the best part is the money you contribute can snowball substantially by the time you finish working, so if you like the idea of making lots of money...then you should take a bit of time to manage your super early.

    Jessica: What do you mean manage? I’ve got enough to do.

    Robert: Lazy bones. You don’t have to do much. Have a chat with TelstraSuper about what they can offer you...or try out some of their online tools – you spend enough time on the internet. Channel a bit of that energy into one of their calculators to see how extra contributions could grow your super. You’re still young –add a little extra and watch it grow. I reckon it’s worth spending a couple minutes on your super for your future... just saying.

    Jessica: Okay dad!!

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