Start your retirement with a bonus 

Stay with us when you retire and start a TelstraSuper RetireAccess Retirement income stream and you could be eligible to receive a Retirement Bonus of up to $8,000.

What’s the Retirement Bonus?

When you start a Retirement income stream the tax paid by TelstraSuper is reduced. The Retirement Bonus is funded from this tax saving and if you meet the eligibility requirements, will be returned to you as a bonus payment.


Am I eligible?

You’re eligible for the Retirement Bonus if you:

  • commence a Retirement income stream. You can 
    • fully transfer your current accumulation account into a Retirement income stream; or 
    • transfer part of your current accumulation account; or 
    • roll new money into your current accumulation account and use that to open a Retirement income stream
  • your super is invested in the Growth, Balanced, Diversified Income, Defensive Growth, Conservative, Australian Shares, International Shares, Property, MySuper Growth, MySuper Balanced and MySuper Conservative investment options prior to being transferred to a Retirement income stream

How do I apply?

You don’t have to apply for the Retirement Bonus, as it will be paid into your account on the date your income stream commences.

How much will I get?

Everyone’s bonus will vary. The bonus is based on how your money was invested before it was transferred to your Retirement income stream. It’s calculated at 0.5% of the balance invested in eligible investments, up to a maximum of $8,000. The more money you transfer to a Retirement income stream the more bonus you could receive.

It’s important to note that funds invested in the Cash or Fixed Interest investment options will not be eligible for the bonus due to their tax structure.  
The table below shows some examples:

Retirement income stream balance in eligible investment options Potential Retirement Bonus
 $200,000  $1,000
 $500,000  $2,500
 $800,000  $4,000
 $1,000,000  $5,000
 $1,600,000  $8,000 (maximum bonus)

Important information

  • A Retirement Bonus will be paid at the discretion of the Trustee (the calculation will be based on your balance and the options you’re invested in).
  • A Retirement Bonus will not be paid on funds invested in Cash or Fixed Interest investment options.
  • To ensure members are treated fairly, if you withdraw more than 50 percent of your Retirement income stream balance within 12 months of opening the account, the Retirement Bonus will be deducted from your Retirement income stream (excludes funds withdrawn due to death or terminal illness).
  • From time to time, the circumstances relating to the relevant assets may change. Therefore, we may stop, alter and/or change the terms and conditions of the Retirement Bonus at any time and without notice.
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