TelstraSuper wins 2022 Chant West Awards for Pension Fund of the year and Best Fund: Insurance

The fund has received industry recognition for our Pension and Insurance. 

We're pleased to announce that TelstraSuper has won the 2022 Chant West Awards for Pension Fund of the Year and Best Fund: Insurance.

Our award winning RetireAccess income stream

Our vision is to be the industry leading retirement solution, offering a flexible income stream and advice services that will help our members and their families prepare for and enjoy their retirements.

The last 12 months has seen the development of our unique digital platform for retirees, which is now also complemented by the Lifestyle investment options which are purpose built for retirees. These options aim to produce a sustainable and consistent income, provide greater tax efficiencies, and manage retirement specific risks such as drawing down on superannuation during a market downturn and helps provide income sustainability throughout retirement. 

Our digital experience and innovative products anticipate our members’ evolving needs in retirement while delivering consistently strong long-term investment performance. 

“The outcomes for our members have been enhanced incomes in retirement and the increased ability to self-serve transactions on their accounts as well as receive more information and personalised content. The Lifestyle options have produced strong returns over the past year which has seen investment volatility, showing they are delivering on what they were built to do which is to provide more peace of mind during market downturns” said Chris Davies, CEO of TelstraSuper.  

Members who open a RetireAccess Retirement Income stream may also be eligible for a Retirement Bonus of up to $8,000.  

The Chant West Pension Fund of the Year award is industry recognition for the work we are doing in the pre-retirement and retirement space, helping our members achieve retirements better than they could imagine.  

Industry leading insurance 

Insurance is often one of the most overlooked benefits of being a member of TelstraSuper and we’re excited that our insurance offer has been recognised as being the best in the industry.  We want our members to sleep well at night knowing they are covered if the unimaginable happens.

Our members benefit from flexible insurance arrangements as well as access to MLC Life’s Best Doctors, Mental Health Navigator, and CancerAid coaches. We introduced an insurance portal for online submission of claims which, along with tele-claims, makes it a lot easier for members to submit a claim. The portal also tracks claims progress and allows for any insurance changes.

We also work closely with Telstra and their corporate wellness and return to work programs which identify potential claims early and help members return to work.

“Insurance is an important component of Superannuation and we want to help our members get the best possible outcome. As a profit for member fund, we constantly look at increasing value for our members” said Chris Davies.

The Chant West Super Fund awards recognise the funds that are raising the bar in these areas and we’re pleased that the hard work we’ve been doing for our members leading into, as well as those who are enjoying, retirement has been recognised.  

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